Do you have questions about signing up or your account?

  • I have no account yet. How do I register?

    To register, click on "Login or Register" at the top right and then "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" or use this link. Then enter your details and click on the red "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button. When the details have been entered correctly, you will be taken to the "Dashboard" page and your registration will be completed.

  • I already have an account. How do I sign up or can I see that I am signed in?

    By clicking on "Login or Register" at the top right you can sign in or clicking on "YOUR ACCOUNT" at the top right, you can check whether you are logged in or not. When you see a "Dashboard", you are logged in. If not, you can login or register here.

  • How do I change my account details?

    Click on "YOUR ACCOUNT" at the top right and then "MY ACCOUNT" to view your data. If certain information is incorrect, you can adjust it by clicking on "EDIT". Enter the correct data and then click on "SAVE".

  • What if I forgot my password?

    No worries, if you forgot your password, you can safely request it again using this link.

    Enter your e-mail address and we will send you a link in which you can choose a new password.