Our Ingredients

All of our kombucha is brewed using 4 simple ingredients; pure filtered water, organic green and oolong tea, organic cane sugar, and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). For our Ginger, Raspberry and Passion Fruit, we simply add 100% organic juice or natural flavours.

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Gunpowder Temple of Heaven Green Tea
  • Certified organic
  • Single estate grown and harvested in the Hubei Province of China
  • Light, bright, fruity and fresh with a fresh aroma of dried apricots
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Jade Dong Ding Oolong Tea
  • Certified organic
  • Single origin from Nantou County, Taiwan
  • Naturally creamy texture and aroma with a rich, complex floral sweetness, and smooth finish
JARR Scoby Image

Our own proprietary symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast has been lovingly cultivated and refined since 2015 to create a perfectly balanced booch.

Water Filter Pressure
Our Water

Pure, 3-stage carbon-filtered water, with the perfect degree of mineralisation for kombucha fermentation.

Organic Cane Sugar
The Sugar

In kombucha fermentation sugar acts as food / fuel for the yeast and bacteria, so we decided to feed our SCOBY the highest quality organic Brazilian cane sugar we could find.